Tuesday, January 24, 2012

A Beer At the End of the World

Artist Karri Klawiter just designed this great cover for me. Check out the rest of her work at her DeviantArt page: http://kek19.deviantart.com/.

A BEER AT THE END OF THE WORLD is a short story about time travel and how a cold drink can take the edge off, even at the end of creation. It'll be available as an e-book in February.

(Note that the title is "A Beer at the End of the World". The first time I typed that in the above paragraph, I wrote it as "A Bear at the End of the World". Which would be a totally different story.)

(A story I. Must. Now. Write.)

And if you missed it, my short story WE KEEP THE CARS RUNNING, became available exclusively on the Kindle last week. Here's a link.

That's all the shilling I can stand for a Tuesday night. See you next time.


  1. First, I'm getting the story available on the kindle. Second, my anticipation for the second story is at a fever pitch. So you see... your shilling worked!

    1. Thanks, Mike! I hope you like it.

    2. I see (or maybe I'm imagining) a number of references in A Beer at the End of the World. However, I suspect I'm missing a few. Here's what I caught:

      Amelia Earheart, The Time Machine, The Time Bandits, Back to the Future, Doctor Who, Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventures.

      Also, I enjoyed the juke box soundtrack at the Last Stop.

  2. Have you thought about making any of your books into audio books?

    I have an agreement with Acapela to use their beautiful software voices to produce and distribute audio books at a much lower cost than conventional production. Production time can be cut to a matter of days instead of months at only a fraction of the cost!

    If you are interested please contact me for details!

    James Wood
    New Dominion Publishing