Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Solace and Zombies


I had to put BONES OF AFRICA aside for the moment, in lieu of doing something really cool for Tommy Hancock and Pro Se Productions. I haven't abandoned "Bones", but the deadline is a lot sooner for Tommy's project.

Also, I assure you... that is only a working title.

QUANTA OF SOLACE (did I mention that's a working title?)
Words written today: about 1500 (that's a good day for me)


In other news, I signed up for the Run For Your Lives 5K in Baltimore in October. A 5K obstacle course with zombies chasing you throughout. Should be a good time... even if it's against the rules to punch the zombies in the head. I'm sure there will be pictures.


Finally, today and tomorrow are the last days you can buy the ebook pack to benefit Project Backpack. The pack includes 17 e-books in multiple formats for a measly $10 - including HOW THE WEST WAS WEIRD and HOW THE WEST WAS WEIRD, VOL. 2. We've already raised more than $1500 for PB, but I'm sure there are some more underprivileged kids out there who wouldn't mind some help buying school supplies. Please buy a pack if you can.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Operation Backpack Giveaway

HOW THE WEST WAS WEIRD and HOW THE WEST WAS WEIRD, VOL. 2 are part of an e-book bundle being offered this month to support Operation Backpack. Operation Backpack buys school supplies for kids who are homeless or in foster care. With this e-book bundle, you're getting 17 books (including both HTWWW volumes... did I mention that?) for $10 bucks. My two books alone would normally cost you $7.
  • Here's a PDF with blurbs and cover images for all 17 books.
  • E-books are delivered in both .mobi and .pdf formats.
  • This bundle is only being offered until the end of August, so go get it now.
So... yeah, that's an awesome deal and a great cause. You should totally go buy that. You can do so here.

(And check out this Volunteers of America page for more info on Operation Backpack.)


In other news, I wrote a measly 311 words on BONES OF AFRICA tonight - barely more than a page's worth of new words. I have a feeling I'm not going to be able to do much better than that most work nights...

Monday, August 1, 2011

Bad Reviews and African Bones

First of all, this guy didn't like How the West Was Weird, Vol. 1. He gave us a very well written review, though. Obviously I don't agree with most of his points, but they're worth a read.

Secondly, for the first time in more than half a year, I'm working on a new story, called Bones of Africa. I'm woefully out of practice, but I've been chugging along on it to the tune of 2-3 pages a day. If I keep that up, I should be done with the first draft early next week. Let's see if I can keep up with posting my daily progress here until then.

(Thanks to Writertopia for the word count widget.)