Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Operation Backpack Giveaway

HOW THE WEST WAS WEIRD and HOW THE WEST WAS WEIRD, VOL. 2 are part of an e-book bundle being offered this month to support Operation Backpack. Operation Backpack buys school supplies for kids who are homeless or in foster care. With this e-book bundle, you're getting 17 books (including both HTWWW volumes... did I mention that?) for $10 bucks. My two books alone would normally cost you $7.
  • Here's a PDF with blurbs and cover images for all 17 books.
  • E-books are delivered in both .mobi and .pdf formats.
  • This bundle is only being offered until the end of August, so go get it now.
So... yeah, that's an awesome deal and a great cause. You should totally go buy that. You can do so here.

(And check out this Volunteers of America page for more info on Operation Backpack.)


In other news, I wrote a measly 311 words on BONES OF AFRICA tonight - barely more than a page's worth of new words. I have a feeling I'm not going to be able to do much better than that most work nights...

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