Monday, December 12, 2011

How Phoenix Tried to Kill Me - Part 1

At the end of October, the family and I took a trip to Phoenix, AZ. Trelina and I both went to high school there, and we still have a lot of friends and family that live in the area - and since we hadn't been back in a few years, there were still plenty of people who needed to meet Jasmine. Our days were going to be pretty full, but the Big Event for the visit was the big Halloween party/bonfire/hootenanny my cousin Mike was throwing out on his ranch on Saturday night.

We arrived on a Thursday, and those first two days went pretty much according to plan. We got settled in at the hotel (which wasn't as centrally located as I'd intended, but still not THAT far from the action) and managed to see my sisters - one of whom had driven over from Texas just for the occasion - and have a nice dinner with a few select friends on Friday night. Jasmine was even sleeping well, despite the fact that that kid NEVER sleeps well unless she's in her own crib.

Saturday, I woke up with some pain in my shoulder. Specifically, it was under my shoulder blade, and it hurt when I took a really deep breath. I'd had this type of pain before, though not this intense, and I decided it was probably just muscle strain from sleeping on a strange bed and pillow. After breakfast, I went to the hotel gym and ran a couple of miles on the treadmill, trying to work out the kink. Afterward, I was exhausted out of all proportion to the effort of the workout, and I laid down for a quick nap. When I woke up, the pain in my shoulder had multiplied and I was now dizzy and nauseated if I tried to be any direction but horizontal.

One of the nice things about being back in your hometown for a visit is you've usually got a vast number of willing babysitters. My sisters took Jasmine while Trelina and I spent most of Saturday in the emergency room. They IV'ed me, X-rayed me, and probably did other horrible things I can't remember (more on that next time) and finally decided that I was right all along - it was a pulled muscle. The doctor on duty suggested I load up on Motrin and maybe ice the shoulder. The pain would take care of itself in a couple of days.

I wasn't feeling up to partying after all this - the pain seemed to be getting more intense by the hour, as did the difficulty with breathing - so we picked up Jasmine and went back to the hotel. We had missed my cousin's party, and caused my sisters to miss it too, and even though that seemed like the absolute nadir of the trip, things would start to suck a lot worse before we got on the plane home.

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